Halter Training Vs. Ground Driving a Horse

Horse Trainer’s Challenge winner shares some of his championship training tips on halter training and ground driving a horse.

When we are starting colts, we are always looking for that safe and effective way to gain control of our horses from the ground. My goal is to have enough control before I mount so, if they spook or buck, we can shut them down and talk them through it.

Ground driving has been around for years and for good reason. I myself have always had trouble creating a soft face while ground driving.

The Training Thru Trust program designed by my dad Doug Mills has proved to be not only helpful to me but easy to follow and teach. With it I have been able to help students from the apprentice trainers to the first time horse owner.


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Halter Work Program

The halter work program has the same goals as the ground driving. The goal is to prepare our horse for riding to ensure our safety and give our...

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