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Whether you are starting colts, improving your performance horse, riding the trails or starting out with your first horse, this training is for you!
Are you ready to take your horsemanship journey to the next level? For the cost of one month of training, or one clinic plus travel costs, you can have unlimited access to our video library and personal video coaching or face time coaching sessions for the entire year!


TTT-Specialty DVDs

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Halter Training DVD

Halter breaking and problem solving DVD.


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Trailer Loading DVD

Solve all your Trailer Loading problems!


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Bits and Pieces


Edith Rose- Muscle Eeze and Cold/Flu Relief

Our whole family cannot live without this stuff! Highly recommended!


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Doug Mills Designed Halters


Doug Mills Halters

Quality made halters, lifetime guarantee.

$67.00 - $77.00

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