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About Our Clinics

Whether you want a career training horses or to take your horsemanship goals to the next level, a Doug Mills Clinic is the best investment you will make.

Horses and riders that learn the Training Thru Trust program achieve what many strive to attain their entire lives. Horses become soft, obedient, patient and willing. Riders become confident with clear, smooth, understandable commands that are easy for their horse to follow. Auditors might spectate a young horse being worked for the very first time in the morning class and in the afternoon enjoy watching a working cow or performance horse group.  Doug's Clinics are open to every horse and rider, regardless of their experience level or discipline.

Upcoming Clinics

Sechelt Horsemanship Clinic

July 23-24, 2019
Sechelt, BC

Cost: $500 CAD + GST

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Horsemanship Clinic - Cow Work

August 24-25, 2019
Williams Lake, BC
Eagleview Equestrian Centre

Cost: $500 CAD + GST

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Fraser Lake Horsemanship 

September 14 & 15, 2019
Rusty Pitchfork Ranch
Fraser Lake, BC

Cost: $500 CAD + GST

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  • 2-day horsemanship clinic $500 plus GST
  • 3-day horsemanship $650 plus GST
  • 4- day horsemanship $750 plus GST
  • Auditing only is $25 per day 
  •  We require a $250 deposit to hold your spot which is non refundable, but transferable. Your deposit will be put towards the total payment of your clinic


  • The lessons learned at the Clinic are taught from the DVDs so we recommend studying the program starting with Course One. Having the DVDs will also give you a reference to go back to when lessons need repeating. 
  • We also recommend using a Doug Mills halter as he has designed them for this program. A 12' halter is most suitable unless you will be working a younger horse or lunging then a 16' is preferred. You can pre-order your halter (size and colour) prior to the clinic and have it available for pickup at registration. 
  • We recommend booting your horse for the round pen work for safety

What to bring

  • Proper fitting rope halter with 12' lead, unless working a young horse or lunging then you would want a 16' lead. Doug Mills halter recommended
  • Lunge whip
  • Dressage whip
  • Lunch (check with the clinic organizer to see if a lunch is provided)
  • Tack which should include a loose ring snaffle
  • Comfortable shoes for liberty work on day one
  • Chair to spectate other students

Clinic Details

8:30 am to 6:00 pm daily
Daily activities for each time block of the schedule are versatile; see Format below for list of activities.  
8:30 am - 11:30 am 
Lunch Break
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm 

Our goal is to have a clinic format that meets the needs of every horse and rider. Each class will have a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 8. Class times will vary from 1-4 hours. With two participants the class would be one hour and with eight participants would be a four hour class. No videoing is permitted at the clinics.

Class A
This class will always be held in the morning, start times will vary on location. It is recommended for new people that want to learn the program from start to finish. We will always have at least one round pen in this class.

Types of horses that fit this class

  • halter breaking
  • colt starting
  • problem horses: bucking, bolting, kicking, biting, bad for farrier, deworming problems, pulls back when tied, trailer loading, hard to catch, ground manners or aggressive in herd.
  • this class will help calm a busy minded horse and start the pattern of following a feel.
  • perfect for the rider looking to read a horse better and have a clearer conversation with your horse

Class B
This class is for people and horses that are progressing through the program. Your horse as well as yourself will have already completed a class with us. This class could include anything from ground tying and obstacles to flying lead changes and sliding stops.

Class C
This is a specialty class for performance horses or anyone wanting to compete in any discipline. This is also a class for those not wanting to learn the whole program but looking for a fix for a specific problem they are having under saddle.



Download the Waiver form below and mail in to complete your enrollment in one of the upcoming clinics. Once you have made a payment online an email is  sent to [email protected] and your spot will be held. If you are making a deposit, the balance is to be paid in full 2 weeks prior to camp or clinic, all prices are subject to GST. Deposits are non-refundable, but are transferable to  any other Training Thru Trust event or merchandise. Deposits are only refunded if the clinic is cancelled. **Please note which clinic (location & dates) you are signing up for when you make your payment/deposit.** Thank you!​

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