Mastering your horsemanship is not a destination... it's a journey!

What if we told you it's not WHAT you are doing with your horse that is stopping you from seeing results, it's HOW you are doing it. You need a step-by-step path that not only teaches you what to do, but exactly how to do it, when to do it and how long to do it for. You simply need a customized process with 1:1 & group support. You never have to send your horse off for training, go to a clinic or feel lost again.


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Online Programs

Whether you are looking to fix small problem or become a master horseman we have an option for you!

Master Horsemanship Library



  • Step-by-step program to take your horse from un-touched to a soft & willing finished partner
  • Proven program to teach you the how, when, why & for how long to fine tune your timing and feel.
  • Entry to three online challenges per year with buckles and prizes.
  • Weekly Zoom Q&A Calls
  • Lifetime access to Private Facebook Community

Master Horsemanship Journey



  • Step-by-step program to take your horse from un-touched to a soft & willing finished partner
  • Proven program to teach you the how, when, why & for how long to fine tune your timing and feel.
  • UNLIMITED private video coaching with Doug Mills 
  • Entry to three online challenges per year with buckles and prizes.
  • Weekly Zoom Coaching Calls
  • Lifetime access to Private Facebook Community
  • Lifetime Access to all Courses, your coaching videos and recorded zoom trainings
  • $5977 one time payment OR $350 per month for a two year membership

Virtual Lesson Package



  • Package includes 5 private lessons with Doug Mills
  • Access to phone/tablet and cell phone service OR wifi required
  • Lessons do not expire and can be used any time. Simply schedule your lesson online and you will receive a zoom link to your upcoming meeting
  • Lessons are a minimum of 30 minutes
  • It is crucial that in your lesson we can see your horse. Phone can be propped up on panel, bucket, tripod or you can have someone video you
  • Lessons are taught Monday to Saturday

Trailer Loading Mini Course



  • How to build confidence in the trailer & fix current issues
  • How to load them in the trailer at liberty
  • How to teach your horse to be safely tied in the trailer
  • BONUS: 8 day Halter Training Journey. This will teach you the basics of halter breaking as well as how we soften horses on the halter

If you answered yes to any of those, you're in the right place.

It's time to become the horseman/woman your horse needs, achieve your biggest goals and build a partnership you have always dreamed of.

Here are just a few of the AMAZING things our students have been up to...


Take a moment and imagine...


  •  knowing exactly what you need to do with your horse at all times
  • feeling confident you can safely handle every situation
  • having the skills to train any horse from start to finish
  • becoming the champion you always dreamed of 
  • never having to wonder if you or your kids are safe

See some of our students trailer loading results!!


"It is the most amazing program I have ever been a part of... no joke! So worth it! I have always had a quick response to my videos."


"If you haven't signed up for Doug's online coaching yet... I HIGHLY suggest you do!!! SO clear, SO easy. I'm very self conscious riding in front of others but this is easy. Doug's advice is very clear and best of all I can review it as I need. Love this program!"


"This program is giving me so many great tools, not to mention the consistency, confidence and accountability I need. My sticky, dull, hard to catch, resistant horse is becoming so much better each day!"


"I went from unsure to confident that I made the right choice. You will get great coaching, meet some good people with similar interests and develop a relationship with your horse that others dream about. Dive in, you will be happy you did!"


"It's not great yet but we are almost doing flying lead changes! I have never ridden a horse that could do flying lead changes, let alone taught it!"


"This filly is really exceeding my expectations. The live zoom really helped take things to the next level. In my aspects she is further along than my 3 year old. Thanks so much for the challenge opportunity. "


Frequently Asked Questions

The truth is you don’t need hands on coaching, you just need the right information and consistent access to a quality  coach that is experienced in teaching precise execution of commands to keep you on track through video coaching. You get to see how the exercise is done with the trainer, a student and then once you film yourself and send it in you get your video back and coached showing you your mistakes as your making them in the video. Then when you go to practice you get to re-watch your video so it is always fresh what you need to focus on. 

Not a problem, phones can be propped up anywhere, a panel, bucket, lean it on a coffee cup whatever! As long as we can see you and the horse!  

Not required, you can record your videos on your phone and send right in our app from your phones library .

No one can be as bad with technology as Doug, if he can do it anyone can! Everything is very simple with step by step instructions or videos on how to do. We also offer "tech calls" when needed for anyone struggling!

Great, you will get more practice, this course is meant to make you the master horseman with any horse so use it on as many horses as you can get your hands on, the more you work the better your timing and feel will get!

TTT is a family business and happens to be a large family so we want to help out other families so we have no problem with families sharing a membership :) Only one log in and coaching app will be provided and the coaching will be shared. 


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