Learn How Doug Is Creating Soft And Willing Horse And Rider Partnerships At High Levels Without In Person Training

We help motivated horse owners regain their confidence, train and maintain their own horses at the highest levels, understand how to maintain leadership, clearly read and communicate with their horse on a much deeper level.


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7 Steps To The Highly  Effective Horseman 

Learn what sets the Training Thru Trust Method apart giving us the ability to coach green riders to have success with tough horses. After years over 20 years of coaching people Doug realized he needed to develop steps designed to teach green riders proper execution of advanced communication skills in order for them to have results without him. That is how he discovered the 7 Steps To The Highly Effect Horseman.

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"This program is giving me so many great tools, not to mention the consistency, confidence and accountability I need. My sticky, dull, hard to catch, resistant horse is becoming so much better each day!"

Britney Jacob

"I went from unsure to confident that I made the right choice. You will get great coaching, meet some good people with similar interests and develop a relationship with your horse that others dream about. Dive in, you will be happy you did!"

Paul Bedard

Why the TTT online courses are proven effective

Motivating Challenges

These help you stay consistent
to reach your goals!

Never Alone

Trainers and community are
with you every step of the way
assuring you are never stuck.

Clear Road Map

This is not just a video library,
its a step by step horse training course!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A step by step progressive training program that teaches you everything you need to know to clearly communicate to any horse and reach you and your horse's highest potential as well as any other horse you ever touch. You will start at the round pen and work your way to the halter and then to riding. Each exercise is designed to gain soft and willing body control of your horse while teaching you timing and feel, which is ultimately communication to a horse. This is not simply an online library of all the lessons Doug has ever done. The video is showing you the exact steps in the exact order. It also comes with a common problem list that will give you exact steps to fix common issues.

The truth is, someone else training your horse isn’t going to help you learn the  communications skills you need to maintain your horse. The skills and knowledge to confidently train a horse are the same skills needed to safely maintain your horse. So you can send your horse away, but you still have to be trained if you want be able maintain your new trained horse. Or you can just learn the skills your self and be able to train and maintain any horse in the future. 

The truth is you don’t need hands on coaching, you just need the right information and consistent access to a quality  coach that is experienced in teaching precise execution of commands to keep you on track through video coaching. You get to see how the exercise is done with the trainer, a student and then once you film your self and send it in you get your video back and coached showing you your mistakes as your making them in the video. Then when you go to practice you get to rewatch your video so it is always fresh what you need to focus on. 

Not a problem, phones can be propped up anywhere, a panel, bucket, lean it on a coffee cup whatever! As long as we can see you and the horse!  

Not required, you can record your videos on your phone and send right in our app from your phones library .

o one can be as bad as Doug when we got started, if he can do it anyone can! Everything is very simple with step by step instructions or videos on how to do. We also offer "tech calls" when needed for anyone struggling!

Great, you will get more practice, this course is meant to make you the master horseman with any horse so use it on as many horses as you can get your hands on, the more you work the better your timing and feel will get!

TTT is a family business and happens to be a large family so we want to help out other families so we have no problem with families sharing a membership :) Only one log in and coaching app will be provided and the coaching will be shared. 


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