Dealing With a Nervous Horse: What You Can Do To Fix It

Dealing with a nervous horse and can't seem to find a solution? Keep on reading.

World known trainer  Doug Mills shades some light on the situation and offers expert advice on how to deal with a scared and anxious horse.

1. Understanding The Root Cause

With all the different programs out there we almost need a translator for the different terminology’s. My view of a nervous horse is a sensitive horse. Arabians and Thoroughbreds generally fall into this category. But because of good breeding programs you can find sensitive horses in any breed. 

Some people get along with sensitive horses while others don’t. I find leadership is what’s lacking and communication is the key.

 Pressure Without Clarity Is a Recipe For Disaster

A sensitive horse cannot handle unclear pressure. I find most of the time horses are nervous from a lack of understanding. The rider is trying to control the horse and the lack of understanding causes anxiety.


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