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Limited spots available.

We offer horse training from March to September. Horses are worked 5 days a week by Lynette Mills or a qualified Training Thru Trust apprentice. Each horse is put through courses 1-5 of our training program starting in the round pen and progressing at their own pace. They will also do trail rides, obstacle course training as well as any specific training directions needed. Fully equipped with hot heels, pro-cutter flag, barrels and a tool box full of knowledge to fix any and all training issues!

  • $1500 plus GST per month board included
  • $500 deposit required to hold your spot
Leave a Deposit!

Horse Training Checklist

  • Contact us for availability and schedule drop off date
  • If you are sending a stallion there will be an extra charge of $100 per month
  • Leave your deposit online
  • Be sure your horse is up to date on worming, farrier, teeth & vaccinations
  • Send your horse with a cinch that fits, labelled with their name
  • If you would like your horse blanketed please send their blanket labelled
  • If your horse requires supplements you must provide them with instructions and labelled as well.

Contact Us for Availability

Once you have heard back from our team about availability you can leave your deposit online. Your horse will not be booked in until we receive your deposit.


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