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"Definitely recommend the Doug Mills Method. I took my mare there with the full intentions of selling her at the end of the clinic as our problems seem so monstrous. With the tools that Doug taught me and teaching my mare and I a different way of communicating we became a team with a foundation to build on. With his and his teams help showing how to communicate the horses language and show how your energy affects your horses movement and reactions."

Kathy Lovell
Clinic Student

"If you haven’t signed up for Doug’s online coaching yet I HIGHLY recommend you do!!! So clear! So easy! I’m very self conscious riding in front of others but this is easy. I just ride, knowing I can delete the video if I want to. But seriously, why would I? I need the critique! Doug’s advice is very clear, and best of all, I can review it as I need! Love this program!"

Dagmar Lynch
Online Student

"No other method has worked so easily and intuitively for me. Or made such great improvements in my horse and my horsemanship."

Susan Wedler

"Over this past weekend my daughter & I spent 2 days with Doug & Lynette at the Still Meadows Ranch in Cooking Lake. Hunter & I walked away from this clinic with an abundance of knowledge but more importantly an abundance of confidence with our horses. Her & I both have our uncertainties with each of our horses but after this weekend, with the tools & skills we learned from Doug & Lynette, we are anxious to work with our horses & continue to build up our confidence & bonding with our “boys”. Thank you Doug & Lynette, not only do you teach from the heart, you are both genuine people who love what you do & that is evident in your teaching methods & your interactions with each and every person in attendance at your clinics. Thank you for taking the extra time on Sunday with Hunter & Radar. Hunter says thank you as well � You have put this mom’s mind at ease as you both identified that Radar has a good mind & a kindness to him. I look forward to attending another clinic with you folks hopefully in the Spring....with my other daughter along as well. Take care "

Becky Quintal Anderson

"Just signed up. Love it so much it like having a chat with Doug in my living room. I can’t believe this method has just become accessible to everyone. Love the one on one. Definitely worth the money hands down!!"

Wendy London
Online Student

"Amazing weekend with Doug and Lynette. My mare and I learned so much and now have more tools to go forward with. I Never thought I would ever ride around an area with a rope shank/one rein and be able to steer so precise. AMAZING!!!!!"

Rachel Farr

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