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 Open to all ages, methods, levels and disciplines.

Spring Horsemanship Challenge

Online Training Competition

Our first ever Online Competition! Upon registration you will be given access to a library of lessons to help you master the judged maneuvers. Enjoy UNLIMITED video coaching for the duration of the contest. Entries open April 10th, contest starts April 15th, and winner will be chosen on May 15th!

Entries are Closed

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What am I judged on?

#1 Liberty Work

* Stop and stay on the rail

* Inside Turn ( Bonus : No Whip )

* Outside Turn ( Bonus: No Whip )

#2 Halter Work

* Back-Up - Soft in face and body

* Lunging - Resistance free. Change both directions

* Ground Tie - Stand still ( Bonus: from walk & jog )

#3 Under Saddle

* Hips - From direct rein with soft face and body

* Shoulders - From direct rein with soft rein and body

* Stop & Back-Up - Soft face and body


Show us your moves!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The contest lasts 1 month. You are able to progress through the lessons at your own pace. 

UNLIMITED Video coaching is available through an app that stores your entire journey. First, Doug will send you an invite. Then you download the and sign in. Record your video and any questions and simply send them within the app. It is very user-friendly. If Doug can do it, anyone can! You will then receive feedback on your video and have any questions answered.

Competitors will have access to a library of lessons to help them master the maneuvers they will be judged on at the end of the contest.Throughout the duration of the contest each competitor has access to UNLIMITED video coaching! Have a question? Get a video and send it to Doug, he will then give you the lessons needed to fix the issue or help you finesse the maneuver. AT the end of the contest Doug and the TTT team will judge each horse and rider team based on the criteria listed above.They will choose the top three horse/rider teams which will then be posted to our Facebook page. The team with the most votes/comments will win the buckle! 


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