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Training Thru Trust Online Coaching Program

Our online training program is like no other. Whether you are starting colts, improving your performance horse, riding the trails or starting out with your first horse, this training is for you!

We have tested this platform and had amazing results, now we want to share it with you. If you don't know where to start or are looking to feel more confident and safe with your horse, join the Training Thru Trust team. 

Program Features

50 Weekly Lessons

50 weekly online progressive training exercises developed by Doug Mills in a step-by-step lesson plan. Customized paths for beginners to elite riders - including downloads, assessments, guides and more. 

One-On-One Video Calls

One-on-one weekly video calls with Doug Mills for specific problems. Submit training videos for review and feedback to ensure your not missing something. Q&A sessions to gain a better understanding.




Leadership Development

Focusing on the 7 Steps - Doug Mills teaches you his proven method to build trust with your horse. This program has developed a way to speak horse in a way achievable and safe for all ages and rewarding and fun to learn.

November 1st Course

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"Doug's Way As my horse and I rode the trails of life, some lead to fun and some lead to strife. 'til I met a man along the way, that said to me "there's a better way". I stopped to listen and his words rang true. So I said "could you teach me what to do?" He showed me the round pen and gave me the chance, to practice the turns and steps of the dance. I learned about angle, pressure and timed release too, about how to slow down and give precise cues. He tempered my hand to keep my discipline just. He taught me the method of "Training Thru Trust" "

Stella Purdy

"Hi Lynette and Doug, ​I just wanted to say thank you again for the clinic at Still Meadows Ranch last weekend. This was such an amazing clinic and you two are the absolute best! I have no experience with training and I never felt judged or embarrassed with my lack of knowledge. Now I an confident in myself to train and correct behavior and feel like I have a good understanding of how to communicate with my horse. Thank you for teaching me how to do this!! I can't wait to grow with Duke and I look forward to our next clinic!"

Kristin Scott

"In the last 2 years, I have attended 2 clinics in Switzerland lead by Kyle, I own all of your DVD's and am really happy with all the great results I have achieved with your training. I am very much convinced this is the best training to work with horses. Probably the biggest value of your training material (compared to any other…) is, that what ever you demonstrate in your DVD's is always with green young untrained horses and this is the best I've ever seen. How can I learn something while watching perfectly trained horses who have done every exercise about thousand times? Even more helpful are the small booklets which I have always with me while working with horses. Extremely helpful, easy to follow etc. Absolutely perfect! Thanks for this great material!!!"

Markus Müller

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