Are you tired of...

  • struggling to find motivation to work your horse and lacking consistency?

  • seeking progress but not knowing where to start?

Are you ready to...

  • join a community that will support your goals and dreams! Attending weekly training calls to keep you motivated.

  • enter competitions with massive prizes that no virus can cancel, having your trainer with you in the show ring!


Are you ready to become a master horseman/woman that can clearly read and communicate with any horse, solving every problem and reaching even the highest goals!



Challenges Included

7 Steps to the Highly Effective Horseman

January 4th - February 26th 2021

This challenge will be working precisely on the riders feel, timing and delivery of each command. Teaching you to master clear communication and ultimately "speak horse".

Regular Price - $397 Member Price- $0

Colt Starting Challenge

March 29th - June 25th 2021

This challenge will be teaching you the most important foundation exercises to have on your horse. Covering the basics of body control and being judged on soft and willing commands. The tools we teach in this challenge are the base to fixing any/all performance horse issues.

Regular Price - $697 Member Price- $0

Horsemanship Challenge

August 2nd - October 22nd 2021

A progression to the prior challenges, this will include a mix of liberty, halter and under saddle exercises. It will require precise timing and feel, you will be surprised how far you have come!

Regular Price - $597 Member Price - $0

2021 Hi-Point Horseman will receive a TTT Apprentice/Dream Camp Credit! One month of five days a week one on one coaching with Doug & Lynette! A $5000 value! 

""Doug starts with the basics...what he does works for all the horses. He teaches you how to build that relationship"

Merilee Walden
Princeton, BC

Save money, save your horse & save your sanity!

Does this sound like the program for you?

Our online training program registration is currently CLOSED in order to provide the best possible instruction to our current students. However, it won't be closed forever!

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Have a trainer in your back pocket and full time support. Your dreams are our goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The program is designed to last 50 weeks. You are able to progress through the program at your own pace. 

Weekly Video coaching is available through an app that stores your entire journey. First, Doug will send you an invite. Then you download the and sign in. Record your video and any questions and simply send them within the app. It is very user-friendly. If Doug can do it, anyone can! You will then receive feedback on your video and have any questions answered. Not riding through a cold week, but have some other questions? Send them instead! Literally, a professional trainer in your back pocket, keeping you in track every week.

A step by step progressive training program that teaches you everything you need to know to clearly communicate to any horse and reach your and your horse's highest potential as well as any other horse you ever touch. You will start at the round pen and work your way to the halter and then to riding. Each exercise is designed to gain soft and willing body control of your horse while teaching you timing and feel, which is ultimately communication to a horse. This is not simply an online library of all the lessons Doug has ever done. The video is showing you the exact steps in the exact order. There are short quizzes to be sure you understand the lesson; that's the first step. Then you complete the lesson. It also comes with a common problem list that will give you exact steps to fix common issues.

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