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 Open to all ages, methods, levels and disciplines.

7 Steps to the Highly Effective Horseman Challenge

COVID friendly Training Competition to help you achieve your horsemanship goals!

A challenge that is as much for your benefit as it is for your horse! 

Learn to master your timing, feel and emotions and how to clearly and safely communicate with a horse and gain and maintain their respect. Be able to read your horse and recognize problems and danger signs. Master the tools that allow the greenest rider to have success with the toughest horse creating a soft and willing horse.


For just $397 you can master the seven most important steps to becoming an affective horseman.

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How does it work?

1. 8 weeks of video support through Coach Now 

2. Weekly live zoom training webinars with Q&A Friday

  • 8 weeks of all brand new lessons breaking down each of the 7 steps to help you truly understand your horse and how to use your body to clearly communicate with them.
  • Exercises that you can work on mastering without your horse in order to better your timing and feel, so when you get to your horse - your mind and body are clear on what you have to do, you only have to read your horse and let them tell you how long each command lasts.
  • Month one will be about learning how to master the understanding application of your prep, angle, pressure and taps and putting those together properly, practicing the tap technique and whip handling and all of the little but important how to's!
  • Following this will be a live training and Q&A to ensure everyone has grasped everything. We will also review the content of the month ahead.
  • Month two will be more about theory and helping you understand the timed release, restart and you patterns. These are the the exercises that help us understand how to keep our horses motivated to do the right thing and how to be a clear communicator. Being sure your commands are saying what you want them to say. Understanding these fully will give you the answers to how to teach your horse anything you want when applied with all of these 7 steps, your only job will be to continue to practice them, be slower and clearer with our pressure and better timing on our release, these things will never stop growing and advancing, it only takes understanding them and starting to apply them to get instant results, and your never ending journey starts there!

  • You will be judged on 50% theory and 50% communication skills. First place will receive:
    • Adult Horsemanship Camp @ Mills Ranch, Kamloops BC ($1500 value)
    • Champion Buckle
  • Second place:
    • Breeding to #trainingthrutrust stud, Shiney Playboy ($1000 value)
  • More prizes to come!


Frequently Asked Questions

The contest lasts until February 26th, 2021. You are able to progress through the lessons at your own pace. 

Weekly video coaching is available through an app that stores your entire journey. First, Doug will send you an invite. Then you download the and sign in. Record your video and any questions and simply send them within the app. It is very user-friendly. If Doug can do it, anyone can! You will then receive feedback on your video and have any questions answered.

Competitors will have access to a library of lessons to help them master the maneuvers they will be judged on at the end of the contest. Throughout the duration of the contest each competitor has access to once a week video coaching! Have a question? Get a video and send it to Doug, he will then give you the lessons needed to fix the issue or help you finesse the maneuver. At the end of the contest Doug and the TTT team will judge each horse and rider team based on the criteria listed above.They will choose the top five horse/rider teams which will then be posted to our Facebook page. From there based on a points method we will choose the winner of each category as well as an overall winner.

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